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bad blogger! no yarn!!

yes, i am a very bad blogger lately. and not just here, but on all my blogs. and i can't even use the excuse that i use ravelry so i haven't updated my knitting blog because i haven't updated ravelry in goddess-knows-how-long either. i should do that today.

let's see....what's on my needles? socks, socks, more socks, an unfinished clapotis, several dishcloths...i don't even know what else right now. definitely been working most on socks because of this crazy heat. been buying lots of sock yarn as well, which i really must stop doing because my stash is slowly taking over our bedroom and living room. i've been doing some sewing as well, making more sock bags to hold all my socks-in-progress. my list of projects that i want to do is almost as long as my list of wip's.

luckily i might get quite a bit of knitting time soon because i will be participating in blogathon 2008 the last weekend of this month. i already posted this in my personal blog but i'm posting it here too. i am going to be blogging with several friends in boston for 24 hours, making an entry every half hour, at surreal_prose. i am blogging to raise money for autism speaks since, as many of you know, autism and aspergers have touched my family in a couple of ways. if you can donate, please do because i really believe it's a great cause. you can donate at my page here. if you can't donate, i understand, but please consider passing my link around to your friends and family and getting the word out. my goal is to raise just a hundred dollars, and i'm already a quarter of the way there.

now that the serious stuff is out of the way...new yarn store!!! that's right. an awesome guy named josh decided to bless us up in plainfield with a yarn store. as if that wasn't great enough, it's also only a five to ten minute drive from my house. josh is really nice and seems really cool and even though there's not a lot of stock right now since he just opened today there is great yarn and needles and his prices are really good. he's planning to do classes and knitting groups and everything so i am so excited about it. it's about time we got a good knitting store here!!

yes, i'm still alive

i've been TERRIBLE about blogging lately. i've been terrible about everything lately. i have been leaving everything to the last minute and going crazy. it has to be the whole back-to-school thing. i'm still adjusting to having no jessalyn all day and enjoying the quiet time far too much.

let's see...i've been whipping out dishcloths and hats like crazy. of course, i've been terrible about taking pictures of these things but i have been making them. this week alone i made four train tams...the first one was for a hat swap...and i liked it so much that i made another one to save for an xmas gift...then i had to make another one for myself (although mine is a little slouchier than the others) and THEN i received my caffeine swap package (more about that in the next paragraph) which included two skeins of noro kureyon that matched PERFECTLY with jessalyn's fall jacket, so i used one skein of that to make a train tam for her. the other skein is going to be matching playground mittens for her. i LOVE that hat pattern...it seriously takes me less than a day to finish each hat and they all come out so nice.

okay, so the caffeine swap package...it was so freaking AWESOME. besides the two skeins of noro, there were also three skeins of sugar 'n cream (more dishcloths and tribbles!), a skein of austermann step (*drools*), three different kinds of roobios teas (i tried the roobios chai with my coffee press this morning and mmmmm....), a container of chocolate chip cookies that are to DIE FOR, a box of nerds, a bag of jelly bellies, a bag of werthers chocolate caramel creams, a nifty cool mug with faces all over it that has a matching stirrer/spoon, and two scarf patterns. i think that was everything but honestly, it was so packed that i might have forgotten something. i love swaps, it's a shame i'm going to have to stop doing these kinds of swaps for a while because i can't afford to make packages as good as the ones i've been getting. i will still do the swaps where i make things like dishcloths or hats because i can just use stuff already in my stash for that.

yesterday i also sat down and wrote a list of people i'm giving xmas gifts to this year and what i will give them. i'm making all of them. i know i've said that a couple of years in a row, but i mean it this time. i've already started some, and i'm keeping them all relatively easy so that i can get them all done in time. of course, i'm starting now so i should have enough time unless i let myself get distracted by pretty sock yarn...

oh yeah, speaking of sock yarn i got some tofutsies. someone had them up for sale or trade on ravelry so i messaged her asking what she was interested in getting for trade and she was so nice, she just GAVE it to me. it's pink and white and pretty :) i already know what i'm going to make with it.

oh yeah, and we're in desperate need of cash right now. so if anyone wants anything that i can possibly make i'll quote you a price and make it for you. scarves and hats are good because they're fast. i have a lot of yarn so chances are i will have something you'll like. please let me know.

knit like the wind

i'm a terrible knitting blogger. i have been doing TONS of knitting but, since having found the awesomeness that is ravelry, i've been putting everything up on there and not updating here at all. so here's some updates.

i finished several small projects...my multidirectional lace scarf (love the pattern, love the yarn, would definitely do it again), several dishcloths in various patterns (that's become another obsession of mine...they're so fast and easy and highly functional!), and several tribbles (and don't get me started on these things...i apparently can't make enough of them!). most of the dishcloths have been for swaps, although i'm planning to make a whole stockpile of them for myself and to save for xmas gifts. when my mother-in-law was visiting, she admired my tribbles and handknit dishcloths so i'll probably be making her a lot of them for xmas as well. on my needles...my second 'vog on sock (which i want to try to finish before this weekend, just to get it done...i love the pattern but i want to knit different socks now, and i've been keeping myself down to one pair of socks on the needles at a time), the clementine shawlette for my mother-in-law (i love the pattern, it's easy to remember and it's coming out so pretty!), my mother-in-law's afghan (yeah, that's gonna take a while), and a few more small projects that i just can't think of right now. but all are small projects, with the exception of the afghan. i like small projects :)

tomorrow should be nice. myindigodreams, her son, and confusinglife are coming over for a playdate/impromptu knitting get-together. i definitely need the adult company, i've been going nuts.

the heat is on

it's been super-hot up here. this heat wave stinks because it means no outside playing for the kids, which means they have more time and energy to drive me crazy.

the good side of that is that it's been very sunny most days so i was able to finally get some good pictures of some of my projects. i've been working a little bit on 'vog on, trying to get the second sock done. slowly but surely. i've also been working on a multidirectional lace scarf with the gorgeous yarn that mslindz sent to me from knitters connection. i LOVE that yarn, it is so soft and drapey and the scarf is coming out beautiful. i've also managed to get some work done on my mountain peaks shawl. still doing a lot of dishcloth knitting, since those are small and easy and by the time xmas rolls around i should have plenty of xmas presents done.

of course, i'm not sure how much knitting i will be able to get done next week because my mother-in-law will be visiting. my stepdaughter visited from the first to the third and that was nice... i ended up teaching her how to knit. she caught on really quick. i was only able to teach her the knit stitch but i sent her home with a book that i learned how to knit from, a skein of red heart yarn, and a circular knitting needle so that she could practice.

my lj secret pal is seriously awesome

that doesn't even begin to describe her. i just got my second package and it was great!!! some really nice "j" stationary, an adorable daisy pen, a great sock pattern book that have some adorable socks that would be perfect for the kids, some handmade candles with our names on them, homemade brownies (mmmm...) and the best best best part...in the lj secret pal community they do a question of the week so our pals can get ideas from them. in mine i had jokingly said i would love an all-expense paid date night with eddie without the kids. well, of course she couldn't cover all the expenses, but she still did more than i ever expected. she apparently has a friend in the area who is an experienced babysitter and can provide references. my secret pal will pay for at least three hours of babysitting so that eddie and i can have a date. ohmygod. i almost cried when i read that. the friend lives in rhode island, which is why it would have to be at least three hours so the money she'd get paid would be worth the drive. i can't even believe this...i never would have thought of something like that. my pal is so thoughtful and imaginative and i am so very lucky. eddie and i will have to plan a night out together :) thank you secret pal!!!!!

soakers and shorties and longies, oh my!

i've been a soaker- and shorties-knitting fool lately. seriously, that's all i've been knitting. i just finished a pair of shorties and now i'm starting on another soaker. once i finish this soaker i am going to lanolize them and try them out.

i really need to do some more work on my rpm socks. plus i have a huge queue of stuff that i'm still planning to knit in the near future. PLUS a new issue of knitty came out the other day and i like quite a few patterns in it. so much knitting, so little time.

post ahoy!

the weather has been so hot and/or humid that i actually haven't had much energy to knit this week. i've made progress on my rpm socks...i just finished the heel and gusset of the first one so it's coming along. i've also started another pair of shorties for zack from the ltk picky pants pattern (i love that pattern!) in some lion wool prints that i got on clearance at walmart. at this rate he'll have several pairs of shorties and soakers for the summer. eddie was in texas from sunday until wednesday so i had my hands full with the kids. oh yeah, the new magknits came out and there's a sweater in it called judith that i really want to make one of these days. i have to try to get through some of my stashed yarn first, before i go and buy a whole sweater's-worth of yarn :)

progress is a beautiful thing!

i finally have some finished objects! first, i finished zack's first shorties. i used the mystery wool that jennie from snb gave to me and the picky pants pattern from little turtle knits. i have enough of the yarn left to make a matching soaker :) the pattern is great, very adaptable and fun and easy to follow. the shorties fit him perfectly and are just too cute :) wanna see?Collapse )

i also finished zack's bucket hat. i used the pattern from little turtle knits and it came out great, although a little big but that's because it will shrink when i wash it. i used some peaches 'n cream cotton yarn and knit one, crochet too 2nd time cotton. i'm starting one for jessalyn today. once zack's has been washed and blocked i will be posting pictures of it on him :)

i got one more block of my lizard ridge afghan done, so now i have five. crawling along, that one.

all of my other knitting projects are in knitting limbo right now since i've been doing a lot of summer knitting. more pictures to come soon!

my first lj secret pal package

i got my first lj secret pal package today, and she did good!!! thank you, private knittery!!!some pretty picturesCollapse )

knit knit knit

not a whole lot of NEW things right now. i'm almost done with zack's shorties. i'm using some gorgeous mystery wool yarn that a friend gave me and they're coming out really cute. i finally broke down a bought a little bottle of woolwash stuff so i can lanolize them and the soaker that i already made, then they will be ready for him to wear :)

my friend eric is having a baby in november...i think...or october...this fall, anyways. so i promised them a sweater for said baby-to-be. i'm using daisy and some wool yarn that i can't remember the name of. i think it will come out really cute, although my friends are going to hate me when i have to tell them that it's not machine washable. oh well.

pomatomus are in knitting limbo right now since i've been trying to finish zack's shorties. i bought yarn on saturday to make bucket hats for zack and jessalyn so once those are started i will be pretty much working on those exclusively so they can use them...if the weather ever clears up, that is.